fringe benefits

If you are working in Zurich you definitely have a bigger salary, a bigger selection of cultural activities, restaurants and shops…and…and…and endless more things. But at least when it comes to the fringe benefit category parking-lot the Ministry of Education Outapi beats all competition. Try that one at the Kantonspolizei ZH.

At home

Second Thursday evening in my new home town. Although the clocks are definitely ticking somewhat different here I am surprised about thinks I’ve done so far. The first day Markus and I spent some time (and gas) to have fly-screens installed at my small house. Just to give you an idea of how simple such …

Heading up to Outapi

This afternoon Markus and I started the 750 Km trip up to Outapi on the B1. The two vehicle SUV convoy fully packed with my stuff arrived at our farm/guesthouse close to Otavi at 6.p.m.. Tomorrow morning we will probably be on the road for another four hours.


If you plan to hike the Maximiliansweg (a part of the European long distance path E4) you’ll soon realize that there is not much information around. When it comes to backpacking virtually none. At least I had this impression the night before I took the train to Bregenz on May 5th to start stage 1 …