If you are reading this, you’re probably a friend who’s humoring me or you have spent definitely too much time in front of your PC, don’t you think?;-).


I am a guy from flag_germany_small.png Berlin who spent part of his childhood in Russia flag_switzerland_small.png and used to live in Switzerland flag_switzerland_small.png for quite a while in a cozy town called Schaffhausen that is famous for the Rhine Falls (the biggest waterfalls in Europe) which are close-by.

...thats me
…you are as old as you feel

I am working with GIZ at their headquarters in Germany after spending three years in Rwanda in one of their development programmes to strengthen the IT sector. Before that I worked in northern Namibia in a town called Outapi which is close to the Angolan border for a Swiss development cooperation ’embedded’ with the Ministry of Education.


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