Long weekend Bujumbura

Actually the logic would be ‘Rwanda – T plus 1 year’. However in (Eastern) Africa to some things logic don’t apply. This will be one of them.

After working over one year in Rwanda I made my first short trip into one of the neighbouring countries only a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to a public holiday my colleague Tom and I decided on short notice to take one of the Coaster buses in the morning. Six hours later you literally are in a different country.

Rwanda itself can still be found in the last quarter of all international country rankings. From regular field trips I am used to the picture of people living in very basic conditions and poverty. Burundi is according to some rankings the poorest country in the world. This can be immediately seen when crossing the border.

Compared to other African capitals in Bujumbura the clock seems to stopped ticking a few decades ago and the word progress has been taken out of the dictionary. However also here you can find the upper class celebrating their night-life in fancy clubs, expensive vehicles parked outside guarded by the police. To the left and right darkness. Striking bizarre.

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  1. if you get this, please let us know that you are fine. somehow worried 🙁

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