alternative tourism in the North – part II

I probably drove the road from Outapi to Ruacana hundred times, two dozen times the gravel branching off to Onesi so far and thought I knew the surrounding area pretty well. Not really. Otherwise I would have bought a kayak during my first week in the country: only half an hour North-West from Outapi is a lake with a length of almost 30km. First time I heard from it was when a Portuguese friend mentioned that his farm is situated up there. Thanks again to Patrick’s good relationship with Rural Water Supply we’ve been two times on the lake so far – and many more trips to come: as you have the lake virtually on your own it is the perfect place to watch birds undisturbed – and to relax.

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  1. Berber Pellicaan

    Hello Benjamin,

    Lovely pictures of the lake. Cheshire Home Anamulenge used to have a farm project here for the boys older than 18 year; is it still there?
    I really do miss Namibia when I see this beautiful pictures.

    Greetings, Berber Pellicaan

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