alternative tourism in the North – part II

I probably drove the road from Outapi to Ruacana hundred times, two dozen times the gravel branching off to Onesi so far and thought I knew the surrounding area pretty well. Not really. Otherwise I would have bought a kayak during my first week in the country: only half an hour North-West from Outapi is a lake with a length of almost 30km. First time I heard from it was when a Portuguese friend mentioned that his farm is situated up there. Thanks again to Patrick’s good relationship with Rural Water Supply we’ve been two times on the lake so far – and many more trips to come: as you have the lake virtually on your own it is the perfect place to watch birds undisturbed – and to relax.

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I’ve mentioned it several times: the YAP Gym in Ongwediva. The place to be every Saturday afternoon and also often during the week on the way back to Outapi from duties in the Oshakati area. Although there is a nice fitness section most customers go for the weight training. In case I have to move again I know exactly who to ask for help by now.

alternative tourism in the North

Rain? I’ve complained a lot about it. Last weekend we’ve discovered the other side of the coin with an activity of which I would have never thought about it before: canoeing on the Oshanas next to Oshakati. Patrick let his connections in the water purification business play and managed to borrow two two-seater canoes from a friend. Our original idea was to have a small ‘test drive’ in the morning to see how we would manage before we would do the real thing on one of the bigger Oshanas in the North-West fed from the Angolan creeks. At the end we did 10km (bee-line). Despite the low water depth (20-70cm) it worked out quite well. Only the stretches with grass and ‘sand banks’ had been a tough one for boat Nr. 2 with Lindsey and myself as we didn’t want to get out of the canoe to pull it (bilharziosis?).

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 19:00: cold shower, 300g pasta and we call it the day..., Anamulenge, OutapiUsually 35°C up in the North in the afternoon. Becoming a couch potato would be so easy. Since I’ve been in the North I am trying to avoid that and found several activities to stay in shape. One and a half hour exercise at the Yap gym in Ongwediva on Friday. 30min swimming at Bennies entertainment park (it is owned by someone else:-) Saturday morning followed by another two hours gym in the afternoon. After a lazy Sunday morning in Outapi I went out with my bike on the road to Ruacana at 4.p.m. Almost three hours, 60km and a whole Camelbak load later I came back to Anamulenge. Probably a bit to much at the end: the next two days I’ll try to stay in our cozy office not moving an unnecessary inch and for sure skip basketball practice.