Namibia here I am: T plus 7 days

Against all my concerns my stuff and I arrived in Namibia Friday last week. I was positively surprised that I got away without having paid for my excess luggage of 16Kg on the SA flight (there had been an announcement for a Mr. Benjamin Neuhoff in the Terminal in Johannesburg due to some ‘luggage issue’ – but the SA service desk couldn’t figure out what was going on when I asked them).

Namibia. Luckily I didn’t had to wait to long for a first taste of the different time concept here: it took four homeland security officers 45 minutes to process around 20 foreign passengers. Thanks to the exotic bike box I almost had the pleasure to go through the ‘red door’ at the customs. A smile and the forgiving officer saved that day.

I was told how important good relationships are in the South. I cannot agree more: to have all the paper work done needed for a permanent residency Markus, the Interteam coordinator for Nambia, and I shuttled between public authorities, car dealers, insurance offices & Co. for three days. It all went surprisingly smooth – thanks to relationships and luck of course: at the Ministry of Home Affairs we were able to skip the first and second floor, bumped directly into the hallway of the deputy minister – 20 minutes later the residence permit was done.

Just 24 hours in town I was already able to do some networking last Saturday: I met a couple of guy’s working for VSO UK in the Omusati region at David’s (VSO UK too) birthday party. Also this week has been quite busy – the other guy’s from my organization working in Windhoek don’t let me get bored – I am definitely not on my own here:-).

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  1. roland blüthner

    wunderbar, wenigstens auf diese weise etwas von dir zu hören und zu sehen.
    dir scheints ja erst mal gar nicht so schlecht zu gehen. alles beste

    omi und opa r.

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