holiday stories: where are the donkeys?

img00011-20120103-1225I almost got stuck with a damaged wheel bearing on my way from Outapi to the airport in Windhoek somewhere between which would have left me with the choice of missing the plane the next morning or increased chances of having my Hilux exported to Angola. Luckily I made it and the Toyota is (hopefully) at a safe place.
Europe. Oh, boy. A firework for all your senses after a year in Ovamboland – and the compared to Munich or Zurich provincial Windhoek.
One thing I was looking for: train rides, no kidding. First the ICE in Germany. Right now travelling from Basel to Paris with the TGV. Walking around, reading, chatting with strangers and posting a blog entry – at a speed of 250km/h – and the only danger comes from coffee you might spill over yourself.

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