lunch break stories: what rain and a ISDN handset have in common…

junction to Okahao, Oshakati…you don’t expect both of them. Last week the North received some heavy rain and a sharp drop of the temperature after months of drought and heat. Some say that this is already the beginning of the ‘small’ rainy season which usually starts by the end of November. Although happy for the clean, cool air and a whole day without sun it brings back flooding memories from this years rainy season – you still find Oshanas filled with water which is exceptional at this time of the year.Siemens optiPoint 500, DoE ICT office, Outapi
The other surprise came in shape of an Siemens ISDN handset with a working display to our office. Thanks to a new PBX which made one of the few ISDN phones at the reception redundant.
Happy like Xmas: as it is NOT common for a caller within the government to tell the name when calling I always had to play a ‘guess game’. Unfortunately our Director and her Deputy had also been in – due to that I had them on the line several times without realizing it, ouch.

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