the power of the ink has come to the office

don't underestimate the power of a bit of inkOne on of the first lessons you’ve to learn when entering the Namibian Government service is about stamp & signatures. No matter what kind of paper you intend to sent within the Government (physically; for the paperless office visit this blog again in a century) don’t forget the right stamp and your signature or the signature of a person who is sitting behind a even bigger desk. If you don’t do so your paper will simply be ignored by most of the recipients....the GRN stamp can also be found on different papers, undisclosed location, Directorate of Education, Outapi Rumor has it that this could even lead to a misconduct. Due to the lack of our own (and to spice up the outgoing mail) we used to put the stamp of the Director’s office on our documents. Last Friday I found a small present from our senior accountant on my table. At least on the stamp the ICT function is already there where it should be on the official organizational chart in all thirteen Directorates in the near future: a Division on its own.

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