Intel comes to the Oshikoto region

During our last trip to the Government Park in Windhoek we were told that two ‘pilot computer laboratories’ sponsored by Bank Windhoek had been installed at schools in the country. One of the labs a few kilometers North of Ondangwa in the Oshikoto region at the Hans Daniel Namuhuya school.
Last week Gery, Jon and Lahja (the technicians from Ohangwena and Oshikoto), Gabes (our ICT education officer), Victor and I visited the school to see how things look in reality.
The Ministry plans to deploy more computer labs to the regions soon. The very same installations as the two pilot sites: basically state of the art Intel Classmate tablet netbooks running Windows 7 together with the Intel Learning Series Classroom Management software package. Besides the thirty netbooks each lab will be equipped with a server (so far idle), an WLAN router/access point, a network printer, a Smart Board and a projector. Who has read previous posts of this blog might guess what’s on the writers mind.

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