‘We have arrived – the globe is linked’ – but not this week

The landing of the WACS (West Africa Cable System) in Walvis Bay on the 8th of February had been the theme of last months ICT summit. When becoming operational next February it will cut down immediately the latency and hopefully increase the bandwidth for the Namibian Internet end user in the long run.
Since last Wednesday the Telecom ADSL/WiMax network is most of the time ‘down’ in the whole North of the country as the average up- and downstream often drops into a region we had with a 14.4 analog modem two decades ago and package loss occur. I was told by a Telecom manager today that the technicians in Windhoek are still working on the software problem. Vintage plain text email via SMTP still has its right to exists it seems.

19.10.; update: service finally restored in the afternoon

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