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David operating our new TASKalfa 300i - the swiss army knife (when do they bring an coffee maker module for it on the market?)For the last months making copies at the regional office had become playing the lottery: the machine indicated everything (paper jam, paper tray not detected, system error XY) but ‘yes-I-am-ready-to-make-you-a-copy’. Two weeks ago the ICT department’s new toy a Kyoceramita TASKalfa 300i arrived. Not just a copy machine – a multi function printer (MFP). I thought it is going to be a tough one to bring people away from the costly fax to a digital sender (scan2email) which is even in Europe not seen in every office yet. Guess I was wrong: a bunch of staff members already use it heavily! We are now trying to fast-track the process of filling the vacant ‘lithographer’ position together with HR: without supervision the device, although a rental with an SLA, will not make it till the end of next month. It brought me out in a cold sweat as I had to witness how a staff member was trying to put a piece of paper with glue remains into the feeder. For sure someone will try that again.

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