lunch break stories: watch your head… already grew back!A few weeks ago I had some friends of Adrian coming from Windhoek and heading to Opuwo staying at my place for a night. After a relaxing ‘braai’ we actually had planned to watch a movie. It didn’t work out. Thanks to my inattention we played our own ‘Emergency Room’ instead: I managed to bump my head at a open window when cleaning up outside. After a few minutes it became clear that stitches were needed – Friday at midnight. the Spanish paparazzi Adrian is everywhere (usually behind the camera)The Outapi public hospital is a place where you don’t wanna necessarily end up and the Ongwediva private medipark 110km away. Networking is everything: Dr. Brian Chaka who owns one of the two private practices in Outapi and I are playing in the same basketball team. After a call and twenty minutes latter my colleagues and I met Brian in front of his practice. An hour later I had some window fragments removed, seven stitches and a fancy bandage on my head.

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