…howdy winter season

MRLGH briefing, Government Park WindhoekTwo weeks ago I had been in Windhoek to attend a technical briefing session at the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development (gov. slang: MRLGH) due to the ongoing decentralization process. The briefing session was really needed as the progress made so far with the technical integration of the Directorates of Education into the Regional Councils is way behind schedule.Puccini House Windhoek not Antarctica With efforts now taken we hopefully will be linked up with the Regional Council and able to benefit from access to several internal governmental services within the next two weeks. Coming to Windhoek, change of scene, usually a nice thing. Not in winter time. 6°C in the morning the time we went. Two days ago temperatures dropped down to -1°C. Nothing compared to a winter in Europe but bloody cold in Windhoek with virtually no insulation or heaters in the buildings. Warmest place is the car.

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