lessons learned 2: don’t take chances in Oshakati

broken lock, another NAD 500 will go right out of the Window...Last time my backpack and me were the target. Monday morning it was my car which got the attention of some bad guy/s. I parked it only a couple of meters away from Leonora’s at the GAME shopping complex to get a urgently needed hair cut there. At 09:00 not a lot was going on, just a few car’s parked, some people walking around – not the best time to pull out a screwdriver and start working on the passenger side door lock. But covered from the shop owners Land Rover someone did. So whether you’re carrying your stuff with you or leave it in the car – there is no such a thing as a safe place in Oshakati. I consider myself pretty lucky, the door lock had already been opened but no one had the time to get inside it seems.

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