Telecom Namibia ICT Summit 2010

The ‘Telecom Namibia ICT Summit 2010’, the biggest event for the country’s ICT industry, took place from the 7th to the 8th. Thanks to our Director who officially approved the trip we were able to spent some interesting and intense days in Windhoek – on government expense of course.
Summits in Africa seems not to be different than in Europe: just a few interesting speakers but plenty of useless speeches. Networking, that is what’s counts – especially when you are operating somehow ‘detached’ from Namibia’s ICT world in Windhoek.
When speaking of detached: without Julia, a German couchsurfer, I would have missed the Jazz Encounter 2010, the biggest music event of the year, which took place the day after the Summit.
Before heading back to the North on Monday we bumped in the Head Ministry in Windhoek to see some people of the ICT department there. 850km back to Outapi, leaving Windhoek at 1:30 p.m. put us a bit under time pressure – and me into a my first argument with the traffic police. So much: my lucky, lucky day.

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