Okahao price giving ceremony

The pictures from the price giving ceremony that took place on June 4th in Okahao made it to our office three weeks ago. They now found their way into the web thanks to the upcoming elections which messed up yesterdays planning: I had a car ‘booked’ and a tight schedule to repair some computers in the region which are urgently needed for the examinations starting next week. In the morning I had to find out that almost all our cars went to the government garage in Ondangwa and will be re-assigned to the electoral commission. As up to now I wasn’t able to find out what they are exactly doing with the vehicles (the elections are taking place in November) and when the cars are coming back – rumor has it that it could take a while.


  1. Francis Bancunguye

    Hello Mista Benjamin long time My name is Francis Bancunguye I am one the teacher you traine in TVSA in Rwamagana.
    so I need some help. I need a setup which is going to help me to erase all the settings and data of a student after the computer is restarting.
    I don’t remember the name of the setup which can help me to do that.
    if you have time please you can help me thank you
    have a nice time.

    • Hi Francis,

      I am glad to hear from you. The TEVSA website has unfortunately disappeared. The software is called `Faronics Deep Freeze’. It makes sure that after each reboot the original state of the computer. The perfect solution for a school environment. It also makes anti virus software redundant on those systems. This comes in handy at your school site with limited Internet access.

      Greetings from Germany


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