What tonsillitis and government procedures have in common

battling the red tape...During the ‘tropical course’ at the STI we had been warned that troubles with the respiratory system are a much bigger issue for expats in Africa than problems with the stomach. I cannot agree more: the last week and the week before I had been knocked out with a tonsillitis and five days of fever. Although I took two rounds of antibiotics there are still flu symptoms left. This is due to the changing ‘winter’ conditions (morning: low ~13°C, clear; day high ~27°C, dusty) and the air which is everything but clean – especially around Oshakati. When driving during dark it is pretty common to use the full beam to see something in the ‘fog’ there.
...and violating government procedures by not using a GRN car for the transportation.
Besides sleeping, stockpiling drugs and seeing my Cuban Doctor I was able two pick up the 20 power plugs I ordered for our regional office. The whole purchasing process took almost two months – and the items had been on top of the (my) priority list at procurement. The price payed to keep corruption out of the system. This might give you an idea what the real challenges are here in the South.

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