lunch break stories: bringing java to the MoE

coffee is as common as fancy smoke detectors are in the North, ICT OfficeThe Namibians are no coffee drinker – if they do so, it’s usually half a cup of brown sugar with a spoon of Ricoffy instant coffee (NestlĂ© what else…). In Windhoek you’ll find a couple of good places (e.g. Craft Centre) to have a Espresso or Latte macchiato. In the 4-O-Region I’ve been able to identify a few places so far:

  • the ‘Africa Stadt Haus’ Hotel, Ongwediva -> Jura coffeemaker!
  • the Portuguese restaurant ‘La Rocha’, Oshakati -> pump driven espresso machine
  • Ministry of Education ICT Office and my kitchen at home -> moka pot;-)

If a place has a shiny Espresso machine this doesn’t has to say that they are using it…

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