Bin ich da schon drin oder was?

our temporary server room with a more temporary installationSince a few weeks we do have our Xnet ADSL internet access up and running in the main building. Took us almost three months to get it due to a billing glitch with the Telecom for an existing installation at our library in Outapi.

After using a slow and expensive prepaid 3G solution from CellOne this comes close to getting an upgrade from Economy to First (okay, I can only imagine how that feels:-) on a long haul flight: we are now able to download drivers, virus definitions and movies – quite a step forward to become operational.
not fast but pretty reliable so far
If you look at the router statistic (yes, the Telecom goes for the Germany premium brand AVM, I am thrilled!) you’ll realize that the bandwidth is still light years behind were we are in Europe, USA or Asia – thats the bad news. The good news is that thanks to the World Cup in South Africa a new fiberglass cable from Europa has been landed a few months ago in Walvis Bay. Since then problems with the latency and packages loss have been drastically declined and time critical applications e.g VoIP (Skype and SIP) are now working pretty well.

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