lessons learned: don’t take chances in Oshakati

car-park in front of GAME, OshakatiPeople told me that Oshakati is one of the hot spots in the North when it comes to street crime. Last Saturday proved that for me. Around 1.p.m I was walking from my car to the GAME store when two guys approached me and one of them tried to get my attention with a cell phone ‘problem’. As I just ignored him he tried to keep my arm and the second guy was about to open/grab my backpack. By pushing the first guy away and shouting ‘Back off, don’t fu** with me!’ they let go, probably surprised by such a reaction.
At the end it was worth to get into this kind of situation: after 3 months a lot of things, including shopping, are becoming routine – you behave predictable and pay less attention to your surroundings because you think you’re in control. But you’re not. You’ll always be the exotic dollar bill with two legs. Next time I will be much more attentive and not stick to the usual plan when entering the ‘war zone’ Oshakati.

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  1. Kei@youth center

    I’m surprised to hear this. Take care of yourself in Oshakati.
    I have been stolen 100N$ by 3 guys in Oshakati.
    That town is dangerous.

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