fringe benefits die zweite

press 1 for product information, press 2 for Benjamin...You call a number in Germany and end up somewhere in a call center in India or Bulgaria – nothing fancy with a decent Internet access and some pieces of VOIP Open Source software. Now you call a Swiss number and end up at my house.
Although the water pressure is often gone and snakes love the area in Winter Anamulenge has it’s benefits: three different ADSL devices around – and guess who is in charge of them:-). US$ 29.90 for a SIP phone from Taiwan, an old access point as repeater and a three hour configuration battle at night. No more needed. The phone is working pretty well even 50m away from the house.

First things comes second: new alarm system at Anamulenge

Lolie...Since the end of January I am living in my new house at Anamulenge, 4km outside of Outapi, on the premises of the Cheshire Home, a home for disabled children, and the hostel for the Canisianum RCHS private school. Besides that school the catholic church and mission can also be found at Anamulenge....Elie
As there is plenty to tell about the new home – especially on how to renovate a house 100km away from the next decent hardware store – I focus on the latest addition in comfort: the new alarm system ‘Elie’ and ‘Lolie’. Took two weeks, food, plenty of fondling and nice talking to bring the two mission dogs on the right side. Worth mentioning: the pictures are showing the stand-by mode only:-).